We invite you to join the Delfosse Wine Club. It is a unique opportunity to receive award-winning wines of your choice on a regular basis. The DelFosse Wine Club offers you complete flexibility in selecting the wines you would like to receive, as well as their quantities, and delivery frequency.

A minimum order of 3 bottles is required for club memberships. Please complete the form below and continue to the next page.

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Delfosse Wine Club
Vintner's Selection - Red
Vintner's Selection - White
2017 Rosé
2015 Pinot Gris
2016 Sauvignon Blanc
2016 Chardonnay Reserve
2017 Viognier
2017 Deer Rock White
2015 Joie de Vivre
2015 Reserve d' Oriane
2016 Grand Cru Reserve
2014 Petit Verdot
2014 Screaming Hawk Meritage
2015 Screaming Hawk Meritage
2015 Grinning Fox
2014 Cabernet Franc
2015 Malbec
2015 Merlot
2014 Cabernet Sauvignon
2015 Grand Cru Olivier
2014 Cuvee Laurent
2016 1870
2015 Deer Rock Red
2016 Hippie Chick
2013 Petit Manseng (White Port)
2009 Deer Rock Farm Red-Library Wine
2011 Deer Rock Farm Red-Library Wine
2012 Deer Rock Farm Red-Library Wine
2014 Deer Rock Red - Library Wine
2013 Cuvee Laurent - Library Wine
2007 Grand Cru Olivier-Library Wine
2011 Grand Cru Olivier- Library Wine
2012 Grand Cru Olivier - Library Wine
2004 Cabernet Franc-Library Wine
2006 Cabernet Franc-Library Wine
2007 Cabernet Franc-Library Wine
2008 Cabernet Franc-Library Wine
2009 Cabernet Franc - Library Wine
2004 Merlot-Library Wine
2006 Merlot-Library Wine
2007 Merlot- Library Wine
2008 Merlot-Library Wine
2011 Malbec-Library Wine
2012 Malbec-Library Wine
2013 Malbec - Library Wine
2011 Petit Verdot - Library Wine
2012 Petit Verdot-Library Wine
2012 Meritage - Library Wine